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Community Stepping Stones is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using an arts-infused curriculum too inspire, educate, mentor and prepare youth to becomes successful adults with creative potential.

Founded in 2004, Community Stepping Stones facilities sit on the banks of the Hillsborough River in Sulphur Springs. This tranquil environment and our professional studios provide an ideal location for young people to learn critical thinking skills, craftsmanship and career- building techniques.

We are proud to have been able to make demonstrable contributions to the environment, economics and quality of life of families in this community and others around Hillsborough County.

Georgia Vahue • Executive Director

Scott Robinson Program Director

Brenda Hargroves • Grant Writer

Jerry Harris •  Teaching Artist

Rebecca Dicken •  Teaching Artist

Sarai Rodriguez •  Teaching Artist

Gary Gibbons • Chair

Michael Riegler • Treasurer

Linda Saul-Sena • Secretary

Charles Lyman • Board Member

Denese Meteye-James • Board Member

Sarah Howard • Board Member

Who We Are

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