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From our home in Sulphur Springs, Community Stepping Stones works with underserved children from Plant City to Palm River to Ybor City and beyond: our organization goes wherever young people in Hillsborough County have need.

Our innovative organization fans the flames of creativity by offering opportunities for young people to develop lifelong positive behaviors and creative thinking skills. By using visual arts and science as a pathway, we inspire our students - especially those with limited resources and support - to gain the academic, social and job-preparatory skills necessary to become successful adults.

Community Stepping Stones offers a wide range of programming across the Hillsborough County area, from Pre-K through 12th grade, all with a focus on development through the arts. Participants are encouraged to use critical and creative thinking and to express themselves through a variety of artistic forms and media.

What We Believe

ArtCamp is for students from ages 7-to 13. ArtCamp is in session every weekday, even while school is in/ out of session with the exception of scheduled closures.  Here, students learn essential artistic and life lesson techniques to build their character.  ArtCamp is meant to ignite a spark in our students and encourage them to see the world through a community-driven lens.  Space is limited and registration for this program is required.

First Jobs, our Teen Internship Program offers neighborhood teens and students who have aged out of the ArtCamp program paid opportunities to gain work experience while assisting with classes. First Job candidates act as Teachers Aides while learning the basics of having a job, understanding professional conduct, tracking time, etc., all while expanding their roles as mentors in their community.  Space is limited and registration for this program is required.

First Jobs

ArtBox is a program that delivers arts and crafts directly to the neighbors of our classroom here in Sulphur Springs. It was started at the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic to continue to educate The Arts to neighbor youth from a distance.  ArtBox comes with supplies for a pre-packaged craft and seasonal-themed goodies.  Contact if you would like ArtBox to be delivered at your school or organization!

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